Cobalt Guide: Settings: Gas/ Tank Settings

The Defined Gas Mixes screen lists the gas mixes and tank sizes that have been defined, and allows you to edit any mix, add a new mix (with a maximum three defined mixes), or make any defined mix the Primary mix. The Primary Mix is the one attached to the Cobalt's hose.

Scroll up and down using the UP and DOWN buttons. Pressing SELECT when the Primary Mix or ADD is highlighted will open the Add/ Edit Gas Screen. Pressing SELECT when an Additional Mix is highlighted will bring up a pop-up menu with options to Edit, Remove, or (in the case of the Additional Mixes) to make the selected mix the Primary.

Chosing Edit or the Add option will open the Add/ Edit Gas Mix screen where the gas mixture and tank size can be defined.

If you frequently dive with a standard EAN/ Nitrox mix, this screen allows you to quickly switch to that mix without having to enter all the details each time.