Featherduster Blenny

Featherduster Blenny

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This diving photo was uploaded by Carol202 on 2/20/2010.

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nice image, but sadly it is actually a feather duster blenny
on 12/17/2011
Interesting - so how do you differentiate between a seaweed blenny and a featherduster blenny? I see lots of seaweed blennies in the northern Gulf of Mexico in different color phases (black line, yellow, greenish). I have a number of them on this page of my web gallery and would be interested in knowing the difference between the two fishes: pbase.com/carol202/favorite_mexico_beach_underwater
Written by Carol202 on 12/19/2011
Hi Carol, Not surprising when both have very similar things sticking out of their head. Physically, the seaweed is longer and thinner (not obvious when all you can see is the head). As you have pointed out, Seaweed can do yellow, black lined (sort of white and greenish and a purple. They cannot do Olive green, orange and soft blue. Eyes on the Seaweed are a solid color, those of the Featherduster are banded, usually soft blue and orange.It does not help that the Feather duster is not in Paul and Neds current book (should be corrected in the next version). Your avatar is a lovely example of a feather duster (one of the prettiest I have seen). If you send me an email to jimgarin@gmail.com, will be happy to send you images to compare.PS I think featherdusters are more attractive and while common where they live, are far rarer.
on 12/19/2011
jim, one note heremy avatar is a tessellated blenny (hypsoblennius invemar). its a non-native blenny that has arrived here from south america. that one is in ´´the book´´. :-)
Written by Carol202 on 12/20/2011
I stand corrected.....thanks
on 12/20/2011

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