The family

The family

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This diving photo was uploaded by ScubaQueen on 12/19/2009.

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Great looking family shot! I see your sons hair is longer than yours - hahaha - just kidding. He kinda has that James Taylor look when JT was a young singer starting out. Great family shot!
on 12/19/2009
they are beautiful kids, fun to dive with and can (as most kids) turn on you like a rabid dog ! Love them anyway!!
Written by ScubaQueen on 12/20/2009
How fun is that that your kids dive with you! One of my daughters says she will get her cert so we can travel and dive together but Ive been trying to get her to do that for a year. She is my only prospect for a family diving buddy. Nice photo!
Written by Noel on 12/22/2009
being underwater with my kids is an experience i will always treasure. we were in roatan for a week last november and it was fantastic ! this is something we can share forever, no matter where we all livehope your daughter signs up soon !!
Written by ScubaQueen on 12/22/2009

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The family

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