Camping in Yosemite 9/08

Camping in Yosemite 9/08

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This diving photo was uploaded by DiverChix on 8/13/2009.

Photo Comments

  • You Have Happy Eyes
    on 8/15/2009
  • Thanks, I got them from my grandmother. I used to tell her she had eyes that sparkle.
    Written by DiverChix on 8/15/2009
  • You must hear that all the time.Eyes are the windows to the soul.
    on 8/21/2009
  • Looks like your having alot of fun, how do I add you as a new to this Web Page. :-)
    Written by Deep Within on 1/8/2010
  • Are you talking to me?
    on 1/8/2010
  • If this is you in the pic....yes. :-)
    Written by Deep Within on 1/8/2010
  • No it is not me mine was the first post. I am a man
    on 1/8/2010
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