it´s me again.. under ice diving!!

it´s me again.. under ice diving!!

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This diving photo was uploaded by Pacane on 3/1/2009.

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Awesome girl... I envy you.. Im a new diver too and getting Certified this summer, Ive purchased over 5000.00 worth of gear allready from Scuba Gear Canada and from sellers from all around the world on E-BAY. Id love to chat with you sometime , maybe you could teach some things about this sport I dont allready know, as Ive read every article and book on SCUBA out Take care!
Written by FRANKINO on 1/30/2013

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pacane scuba diver profile Pacane in calixa-lavallee,quebec, Canada

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it´s me 60 feet under
it´s me again.. under ice diving!!

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