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29 September 2010 991 views No Comment
Welcome back you 2 reef warriors!! I hear you on the sad part about having to return – as who would ever want to come back home (where you are now) when you were already in a diver´s paradise like the ´´near´´ Keys :~) right – unless that is you are already there?! Too bad you didn´t get to go further south in the Keys and see the Turtle Hospital, but something tells me that you will soon enough. I see the COLD PA winters there and the warm water Keys finally got to you this time, and now you have hung up your snowshoes as it were – hahaha. I should have never left FL in the 70´s right after I got married, but the X (boo) had different motives in her mind, and I was the last one to know as it were – otherwise had I known that prior then I would never have married her in the first place! Oh well. Don´t blame you a bit for the warm weather move, as when I left the damp cold and miserable winters up in MA after my D, and then returned back home to the drier somewhat colder winters in WI – as well as those in Chicago where I went to Electronics Tech school just before moving to CA many years ago now – I swore I´d never move back to COLD winters ever again! Vacations back home to God´s Country WI yes, but not to live permanently. With diving in my blood 31+ years ago now who could give up daily/weekly diving during the better part of the year with cold winters? Not me – that´s for sure. Anyway – all that is history now and long gone. I just have to make a couple more real estate adjustments and FL will be my permanent home as well. Didn´t realize that PA was that polluted air quality wise – WOW! I know that the Houston TX area has the worst air quality of all times, as I about choked to death about 8 years ago passing through there on a coast to coast vacation drive. Air was so BLACK outside that you could cut it with a knife – no kidding! I had to put the A/C on, and only circulate the air inside the XPLR as my eyes burned so bad it wasn´t funny! Who would ever want to live there has to be out of their mind. Seriously! So did you get some quality pix in this time? Hope so. There´s always so much to see there on every dive without a boring moment ever! Always something new! Did you see any Sea Turtles where you were? I guess you didn´t run into any of the Millions of MISSING Oil gallons Mess that is now believed to be lying at the BOTTOM of the Gulf ´´somewhere´´. If anyone knew where it was it would be a miracle! Isn´t that a nice aftermath to now have to deal with for years and years to come? WOW! Poor people of LA – many of which still haven´t been paid for their losses yet. Btw – so I don´t forget – eardrum and sinuses are feeling much better today! I think it had something to do with the cold shower water hitting my eardrum the wrong way, as sometimes that causes an earache that produces the same effect, only this time I may have heightened it with blowing my nose a bit too hard (congestion wise) while in the shower. Those OCTICAIR drops really make a difference, and usually clear it out in 2 days or less. Good stuff! Always something! SO – you 2 are now going to be migrating to the DEEP SOUTH huh? WOW – what a change that is going to be on you 2! I think you are going to have to be a DOLPHINS fan now – esp after saying you are going to be moving somewhere between Boca Raton and Miami! Of course the Fins and the Stealers are a bit of a rivalry as well, being on the same coast and in same AFC Conference. You do know that the (40 Whiners) are NOT a welcomed team in FL don´t you? Don´t ask me why, but for some reason the Dullass Cryboys and the 40 Whiners are not very welcomed in FL at all. Of course from an AFC side I always loved the Dolphins esp when Don Shula was Head Coach from 1970-95. I think after that idiot Jimmy Johnson came in from Dullass in 96 is when all the Miami anger came in as well, as he was a total Outsider and just messed/screwed things up worse! Miami always hated JJ, and was glad to see him LEAVE! Never cared for JJ myself, as I hate the redneck Cryboys anyway, and esp that redneck idiot Jerry (buy off the officials retard) Jones!! Cryboys suck! I think the Eagles and Vick will do much better than the Stealers and the Big Benz´d (rape) controversy now hanging over the whole team´s head as a result. Oh well. I take it Vince is your hubby´s name – otherwise I´m missing who you were referring Vince to? On a different note – I wish I could offer you more advice as to where to live there on the East Coast (never cared for it myself after once being stationed at NAS JAX), but one thing you either DO KNOW or should know about that whole area is that there is a lot of bad DRUG DEALING CRAP, and DRUG TRAFFIKING that goes on there – esp in and through Palm Beach & Broward Counties – esp the latter btw, and all up and down that I-95 travel path as well – so BE AWARE!! They will stop you at random if you even look like you are in the wrong area – if you know what I mean. You 2 will need to get very familiarized with your area surroundings there in a hurry. Reason I say this is that I once met a diving gal from Boynton Beach, and she thought she lived in such a SAFE area (or so she thought). I took and looked up online (for her city area) the number of ´´sexual offenders/predators´´ that were living in her general city area, and I was shocked at what I found (btw FL & CA have some of the highest numbers FYI). Ready for this – 22 within a 7 block radius from her 7th Ave address, and 3 of those were within only 2 blocks away!! That´s 2 blocks too close for my comfort if I were a gal. When I told her this she wouldn´t believe me, as she was in such a LA LA LAND mentality being a diver and all. I just couldn´t believe her thinking at all, and I had to stay away from her as to the creeps that I saw hanging around in her neighborhood. Not the kind of place I would want to live in or visit overnight! Whatever you do please don´t move to Boca Raton – not unless you want to be labeled there. You yourself maybe not so much – as you are indeed married, but there is a stigma that goes on there if you are a woman of good looks esp if you appear to be on the high society side – if you know what I mean. Women that live in Boca Raton are called ´´Boca *******´´ (rhymes with Riches only with a B). I´m not making that part up either! If you´re a woman, and you live there (married or not) then you are labeled. On a better note – I did hear that Wellington – off Hwy 441 West – is suppose to be a pretty nice upscale neighborhood from what I was told, and what I found on Google. Of course it is just west of Lake Worth, and back in the 70´s LW was a pretty bad drug infested (cockroaches as well) city, as my then High School sweetheart of a (so I thought) g/f that moved there at that time (to make a long story short) come to find out that she not only was cheating on me, but she also was on drugs as well. Her boss at Mc D´s filled me in and that was all she wrote – as in bye bye. That was one long drive trip that was well worth the time taking, as otherwise I would never have known. How´s that for insight? Anyway – the East Coast can be pretty hairy (traffic /people wise) during Snowbird migration time, as well as Spring Breaks and all. I guess if you like Harley bikers that too comes with the territory. That is why I much prefer the QUIET West Coast side, as the cooler Gulf breezes are so nice there! The East Coast can be a humid barnburner at times, as JAX did get pretty HOT & HUMID during the summertime! High 90´s with the humidity feeling well over 100% at times. Sometimes it looked as though you could just see the moisture hanging in the air even if you were in the shade. Ouch! I always liked the humidity, as the air quality was always so clean and fresh – don´t get me wrong, as it was such a great way to flush the body of unwanted toxins so to speak. Sorta like having an outdoor WET SAUNA in a way – hahaha. I do remember 1 cold winter though in the early 70´s where we actually had small snow flakes blow in from the North and hit the Aircraft hanger decks & parking concrete (tarmac) outside because it was so cold & windy out at or near freezing point!! It was COLD! Now that was a weird winter, and a record setting one as well. You just never know about FL – hahaha! Hey – thanks for finally telling me about your work there, as I thought maybe you were on a TOP SECRET team working for the Gov no less – hahaha. Sounds like very interesting work you have/had there – while it lasted anyway. How long were you there? I guess not long enough to take any benes away with you huh? Bummer! I would think that seeings you are both going to be living so close to the Miami area that maybe ´´you´´ can still crossover that old job position with something just as equal, as Miami Dade County has some of the highest building standards/requirements – as related to bldg structures and WIND force standards (hurricane I-120 ratings that is). I can remember when it was only an I-60 rating back in the 70´s. They have come a long way since then, and I think Andrew had a BIG part in setting that present day standard at a much higher mark. Let me know if you still want to stay in that same field of testing, as I´ll give you some good job search sources to check through if that is the case. To bad your present day work company doesn´t have offices in FL, but at least your hubby got a job transfer so lucky for that part. Count your blessings there as job openings are still very tight out there!! What does your hubby do for work? I´m guessing Aerospace maybe? With the Shuttle program Era coming to a close who knows what Congress is going to approve for NASA spending now?? I´m also hearing that they actually want to scrap any further space exploration for the time being, as I myself think the whole Moon & Mars thing is a JOKE to start with. There´s nothing there to begin with, so why even waste money shooting in the dark as it were? Makes no sense to me at all! If I had a choice I´d rather live underwater first to start with. Some of the new high tech designs they are developing for offshore living are simply out of this world! Totally self contained power wise, and they even have a Helipad on top for landing in supplies! Now that makes more sense to me, as I´d jump on that any day!! So when is the big moving date? Better run a few errands, as it´s getting late. Sorry so long a note – lots of NEW thoughts after your reply! Let me know when you´ve read the 9-8 and older messages posts as then I´ll do some housecleaning again. Talk to you soon – be good :~)
by outtosea2 on 9/29/2010
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