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30 April 2010 665 views No Comment
It´s FRI – TGIF for all us divers diving in CLEAN ocean waters! We can now count all our blessings that we don´t have to contend with a OIL SLICK MESS now said to be as big as the Island of Jamaica. That is still hard to picture or even imagine by any means! It´s now hitting the LA coastline, and the SHRIMPING industry is already starting to feel the impact – as certain grassy bed areas offshore and inland are now being closed to shrimping and crabbing alike. Bummer! The losses to the seafood industry there will be HUGE no doubt, and we´ll all feel the PINCH in seafood price increases as a result. The diving world sure will feel the impact of all this when it starts to hit the shores of the FL coast as well, as I´m sure it will before this OIL MESS is over!! There is no way human hands can ever alter Mother Nature esp when it comes to the Gulf winds she creates. A shift in winds Eastward will have a devastating impact on the shorelines of MS & AL as well as the Pandhandle of FL as well. That´s hard to stomach let alone even look at on the TV news today! For that to even have gotten as far as it did it totally criminal in my mind. No amount of FINES are BIG enough to impose on the negligent actions of BP if you ask me. Now some brainiacs up in WASH DC are having second thoughts as to Obama´s insane new drilling off the PRISTINE Carolinas shores – let alone allowing any more oil platforms to go up in the Gulf of Mexico! I heard one senator say that no oil drilling should ever be allowed any closer than 125 from shore! REALLY? Too late for that one huh? I even heard that they are now very worried about the SAFETY of the rest of the ~4000 OIl & Gas platforms already in the Gulf of Mexico. NO CLUE! What took you so long? That USCG female Rear Admiral that spoke on the TV news about oil containments and hidding the REAL FACTS about the amounts of oil being dumped into the Gulf was kinda pathetic in a way (sorry – no offense to the female nation here). Her urgency was like a Lolly Pop being slowly licked by a puppy dog if you ask me! Too little too late and TOO SLOW if you ask me! She needs to go as well. The Coast Guard should have been screaming down Obama´s back on DAY 1 if you ask me! Sounds like another KATRINA DISASTER all over again! The finger pointing on this MESS will be hilarious to say the least when all is said and done!! So how is all this OIL MESS settling on you & hubby there? Must be making you sick as well. Hope all else is better there? – more later – gotta run some errands now. Bye :~)
by outtosea2 on 4/30/2010
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