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[31 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 600 views]
Rating:Pinnacle 7/5mm Cruiser Titanium Jumpsuit awsome suit

very easy to get in to, perfect fit, and keeps very warm.

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[31 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 744 views]
Rating:Mares 3mm Tropic Jumpsuit miahdog2

I personaly have ordered this wetsuit… the sad thing is they sent me the wrong size…. (Note that with your shippong dept.)
I still managed to squize in the smaller size… (I am a 3XL) and still your 2XL held up through the swiftest water
and it is very durable. I do a lot of swift water recovery.
Again every thing has worked extreamly well
Seams like a verry good buy…

P.S. please just forward my request for the larger (3XL size) that I ordered… tHANKS FOR NICE PRODUCT!

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[31 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 764 views]
Rating:IST Classic Round Dive Mask old school!!!!

I like the view of a round mask but could not use my old one for diving because you could not equalize. but now I can due to this new design.a little small on my face,and im not a big person.

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[31 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 682 views]
Rating:Oceanic Probe LX Bioflex BC with Quicklock Weight System Oceanic Probe performs as expected

This BC fits great and the large “D” rings come in handy for accessories. The 1600 Denier material makes the vest feel much stronger than other BCs I had checked out. I highly recommend this BCD.

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[31 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 649 views]
Rating:Princeton Tec Shockwave L.E.D. Light Excellent Light

Excellent strong and pure white (!) light.
The beam is broad. One could possibly call it not tightly focused. Personally, I consider it a plus for a night dive: it allows you to see more in a broader field of view rather then focus on an illuminated point in the sea of blackness.

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[31 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 647 views]
Rating:Pinnacle 5/4mm Fusion Merino Titanium Jumpsuit Very nice, warm suit for the money

I have not yet had the opportunity to dive in my new suit, but so far, I love it. It is very easy to get on and off, and is very warm in the core, which is a big issue for me. I tend to get cold after a long week of diving, and I think this will do the job to keep the chill off. The color is nice too, not too bright or anything. The neck flap on the suit is a bit tight, but I have always found that once in the water, you get it wet and stretch it out, its not near as tight. But, overall I am excited to finally get it out in the ocean for a test run!

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[31 Jul 2009 | One Comment | 803 views]
Rating:H2O Audio iS2 Waterproof Case and Sport Armband for iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen waterproof iPod nano case

Works great. A little trouble with the opening and closing of the case, but I just leave the iPod turned on it goes to sleep after I swim, so I only have to open the case every 4-5 days to charge.

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[31 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 418 views]
Rating:TUSA 3mm Low Top Hard Sole Boots Awsome Boots

Great boots, great price! I wear an 8 1/2 shoe so I ordered the size 8 boot and they fit like a glove. I wear open back fins and I have no problems at all. The hard sole is also great for for beach dives.

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[31 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 446 views]
Rating:Scuba Camera Plus Bag nice product

This bag is huge! It has more than enough space for cameras ….. the only down side is that it is one large space. I think it would be much better if there were a pocket or two to hold some supplies. But this is a nice bag.

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[31 Jul 2009 | No Comment | 446 views]

Please note that this product is USED and limited to quantity on hand and limited to specific sizes/colors. See website for details.

This gear has been inspected by our certified Scuba Instructors and has been found to be in Good to Very Good condition. Gear is for sale AS IS, but may be returned to us by prepaid postage for a 75% credit towards the purchase of any new item(s) of your choice within 30 days of purchase.